My name is Cynthia A. Flowers I have been and artist here in the Rogue Valley since 1989 when  I moved  home after divorcing  Dr. Michael  Fairtax. We traveled with the Navy for 15 years.

I have a BFA in Art from Truman University

Kirksville, MO- 1970 - 1977

I studied Graphic Design before computers at

San Diego, State University, San Diego, CA- no Degree-1980-1983

I studied Music at Lansing Community College, Lansing, MI

No degree- 1986-1980

I studied Computer Graphic at Rogue  Community College

Medford, Or No Degree 200o-2006

I studied Acting at Rogue Community College ,Medford ,OR

No Degree- 2014-2015

Currently I'm officaily retired and on Social Security.

I am unilaterally color blind and was not diagnosed untiIl after I grew up, Now there is computized  testing for it.  My vision in my left eye  is 3 values darker than my right eye.  I have lost all my pastel and dark colors in my left eye.I have to different color palettes. 

I hope to audit some art , theater, and music classes in the future at RCC and Sou. I am open to doing volunteer work on plays, in Graphic design, Costume design, prop design and or acting.

I just sang on stage for the first time.  I hope I can do it again in the future. I would love to come and sing for you. I an currently learning how to write music.

You my contact me at aceastudio2@charter . net.

I finished writing and designing a PLAY BOOK for my play "Garden Beyond".  I plan to submit it to contest to be published in the near future. I am hoping to turn some of my children stories into plays as well.

I am currently working on a new  play book about Christmas.

God Bless

Cynthia A. Flowers

Copy right 2020  Cynthia A. Flowers

About the artist  Cynthia A. Flowers