My name is  Cynthia A. Flowers I have been an artist here in the Rogue Valley since 1989 when I moved home after my divorce from Dr. Michael  Fairfax.  We traveled with the Navy  for  15 years. We were in  Lansing, MI, Bahrain Is., San Diego, CA, Charleston,  SC and St. Louis, MO. I have painted and exhibited in each place

I have a BFA in art from Truman Universitiy

Kirksville, MO ~ 1970~1977

I studied Graphic Design before computers San Diego State University,San Diego, CA. ~1980-1983~ no Degree

I studied Music at Lansing Community College, Lansing , MI. 1986-1989 ~ no degree

I studied Computer Graphic at Rogue Community College, Medford , OR ~2000~2006~ no degree

I studied Acting Rogue Community College, Medford  ,OR ~2014-2215 ~ no degree

Currently I'm officaily retired and on  Social Security.

I have PTSD  because I was  married to a Naval Medical officer for 15 year before I got divorced  in 1990.  Currently I am not working  at this time.

I am unilaterally color blind and was not diagnosed until after I grew up.  Now there is computerzied testing for it.  My vision

in my  left eye is  3 values darker than my right eye. I have lost all my pastel and dark colors in my left eye including white.   I have two different color palettes .     I hope to  audit some art, theater and music classes in the future at RCC and SOU.

I was abused because of my vision problems which  I can not speak about here. I had a speech impediment   and had to relearn  words in color so I could remember words so I could speak. I rebuilt my communication skills  over a 10 year period  while I was married.  I took singing lessons to  learn how sound

out  words and improve diction.  I have a very good singing voice. I have super sensitive  hearing in my left  ear.

I am open to do volunteer work on plays  in Graphic design, costumes design , prop design or acting . I plan to submitting poster designs to Oregon Conservatory of Performing Arts  for their up coming performances next year.

I am writing and designing a PLAY BOOK for my   play "Garden Beyond".   I plan to submit it to some contests to be published in the near future.

I am interested in  finding a part time job in the future.

Cynthia A. Flowers

About the artist  Cynthia A. Flowers